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The Law for Economic Development and Fiscal Sustainability After the COVID-19 Pandemic, enacted in the Official Gazette 587, Third Supplement, of November 29, 2021, introduced several amendments to the Code of Production, Commerce, and Investments (COPCI). Regarding customs matters, the law provided for the exclusion of freight from the taxable base for the calculation of customs duties. Through Bulletin 96 issued on December 23, 2021, the Customs Authority (SENAE) stated the following:

  • For calculating the taxable base for customs duties (Advalorem tariff), the freight must be excluded from the customs value of the merchandise.
  • For calculating the taxable base of the remaining taxes on foreign trade (FODINFA, Value added tax and excise tax), freight should not be excluded from the customs value.

The Customs Authority established that, with respect to import customs forms filed from November 29, 2021 until December 23, 2021 that are in the process of nationalization, the form must be amended and the taxable base must be calculated based on the criteria indicated above. With regard to imports made from November 29, 2021 to December 23, 2021 and which merchandise has already been nationalized, we recommend verifying that the taxable base was calculated correctly. If the importer paid less than the amount due, a substitute declaration may be filed; and, if the importer has paid more than the amount due, a reimbursement claim may be filed.

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