Legal Secondment

For a client, having a member of the CorralRosales team in secondment means one of our lawyers temporarily joins an in-house legal team to provide advice on a specific project, to provide their experience in a particular area or to support such team in their daily work without adding headcount. It may also imply that they may play the role of in-house lawyer when the client does not have an in-house legal team.

The CorralRosales attorney will work full time at the client’s offices for a fixed fee agreed with the firm. The term for the secondment is defined based on the needs of the client.

In addition to having a member of our team dedicated exclusively to its legal affairs, the client will have the additional support of all the professionals of CorralRosales- a top-tier, full-service law firm in Ecuador.

It has proven to be a very successful experience that deepens the relationship with our clients, and always looks for the highest standards of quality and service.

CorralRosales offers:

Quality internal legal counseling
In-depth knowledge of the internal functioning of the client and the industry
Continuous support

To ensure the success of this service, CorralRosales proposes specific objectives and KPIs for the lawyer in charge of this task. At the end of the secondment (or periodically according to the duration of the assignment), the results are reviewed by having the client’s feedback in order to ensure that we are always providing the best service.

Clients find that this service generates great benefits, since they access highly qualified legal advice at a time of a particular need. At the same time, our lawyer works to strengthen relations with their trusted legal advisors in the medium and long term, knowing that, at the end of this term, the lawyer can continue to advise the client externally now with greater knowledge of the internal functioning of the client and its business.

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