A responsible law firm

At CorralRosales we are convinced that everything we do leaves its mark; that is why we want our footprint to be as positive as possible for society and for those who will follow in our steps.

One of our fundamental pillars as a human team is our commitment to society; we are part of numerous programs in order to implement a complete and responsible business model.

Among others, the firm is especially committed to the following projects:

Global Pact


At CorralRosales, we firmly believe in the international initiative of the United Nations Global Pact 2030, that is why we have subscribed to it. We work every day to implement business sustainability practices, among which are the Ten Principles on Human Rights, Work, Environment and anti-corruption.

Green Plan


Our participation in the Green Plan seeks to promote greater environmental responsibility. To do so, we have implemented an intense recycling program in our offices nationwide that aims to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources through different actions:

  • “Zero paper” policy: we try to reduce the use of paper, printing only the strictly necessary documentation and recycling it whenever possible.
  • Awareness talks about the responsible consumption of scarce resources such as electricity and water.
  • Signage: we have equipped our facilities with the appropriate signage to promote awareness and facilitate recycling.
  • Replacing plastic bags with reusable containers in our cafeterias to substantially reduce their use.
  • Total elimination of the use of materials of great environmental impact such as Flex Foam and other similar ones.

Societies Support Activities

At CorralRosales, we work closely with charitable foundations and NGOs trying to support fundraising in different ways to help with the different programs they sponsor; we try to reach as many sectors in need as possible. Our strong social conscience has led us to collaborate so far with:


Fundación Hermano Miguel (Brother Miguel Foundation):

The goal of this foundation is to fully rehabilitate people with physical disabilities and to defend their rights.


Fundación Niños de María (Children of Mary Foundation):

It welcomes children in order to educate their bodies, minds, souls and hearts to make them people with dignity who know that they deserve a better and more dignified future than that of their parents.


Fundación Malecón 2000 (Malecon 2000 Foundation):

Its objective is to envision, execute and manage the Malecón 2000 project, which is an urban regeneration project in Guayaquil that was declared ‘healthy public space’ by the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization.


Hogar San Vicente de Paúl (St. Vincent de Paúl Home):

They are responsible for the care and protection of up to 300 children who have been abused and / or neglected. Their ages range from birth to twelve years old.