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In Resolution 02-2022 -published in Official Gazette 40 on April 11, 2022- the National Court of Justice invoked the principles of equality, freedom of association/trade union freedom, and progressive development of rights, issuing a mandatory jurisprudential precedent: The alternate leaders of workers’ associations have the same guarantees as the [workers’ associations’] official leaders, in accordance with Article 187 of the Labor Code” (emphasis added). This means that alternate union leaders enjoy job security that prevents them from being fired by their employers. In the event that they were to be fired, such matter would be considered ineffective dismissal, with the consequences that this entails. Specifically, the employer in question would be obliged to reinstate the individual to their job and pay them any unpaid wages plus a 10% surcharge; or alternatively, pay additional compensation equivalent to 12 months of remuneration to effectively terminate the employment relationship.

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