A conversation with Maria Cecilia Romoleroux, partner at CorralRosales


DATE: 01-12-2023


Maria Cecilia Romoleroux

“My law degree and specialization in Intellectual Property were not choices I made, but rather a destiny that chose me.”

It was with these words that María Cecilia Romoleroux —recognized through multiple international awards and appointments, including the Chambers Women in Law Awards— dove into an exclusive conversation with Ekos Violeta Magazine.

Her journey in the legal world began when a family member, surprisingly and without consulting with her, enrolled her in law school. At the time, she could never have imagined that she would become a distinguished attorney with a career spanning more than three decades.

Maria Cecilia’s story begins in the 1990s when, at the age of 20, started an intellectual property practice with a friend and fell in love with intellectual property. However, as so often happens in life, challenges arose, and Maria Cecilia experienced difficult times that included harassment and discrimination, which ended up triggering her decision to find her way in the profession. Although it was a rocky path, she never doubted that her potential would lead her to break glass ceilings.

“At the age of 24, young and afraid, I decided to seek my independence and not stand idly by in a world that often resists women having prominent roles,” she said. Although some people frowned at her way forward, Maria Cecilia leaped into the unknown, not knowing what awaited her, but always confident of herself.

More than two decades ago, María Cecilia first began working at the CorralRosales law firm and contributed to its growth, demonstrating that women can reach high positions in the legal world.

Impactful Strategies

From her position as a firm partner, she has implemented programs and workshops to promote gender equality and empower women. One of them is the Entrepreneur Program, which seeks to support new ideas and business models, launched by entrepreneurs, that contribute to the dynamization of the Ecuadorian business ecosystem. The program pays special attention to initiatives generated by female talent, minority groups, and the LGTBQ+ community. Support is provided to them through the firm’s pro-bono program and specialized legal counsel with preferential conditions.

Maria Cecilia has not only achieved her own personal success, but also advocates to empower future generations. “I have always had a special focus on social facets because for me, the right thing to do is pave the way and work to make things easier for other young women and future generations, generating a new reality, one with fewer obstacles to overcome,” she says.

She concludes with a powerful piece of advice: “The world has evolved, and there is no turning back. We need to educate and train ourselves, trust ourselves, and change our mentality. We women are not victims, and we can be the protagonists of our lives.

Maria Cecilia’s story reminds us that, with determination and self-confidence, it is possible to reach heights and positions traditionally thought to be reserved for.

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