New provisions of the Ministry of Labor

On September 9th, the Ministry of Labor (“MdT”) issued the following provisions on labor matters:

1. Agreement MDT-2020-171: Exemptions on the application of Chapter III of Humanitarian Organic Law to support and combat the health crisis arising from Covid-19

  • Employers may not reduce the salary of the disabled or their substitutes by the implementation of agreements to preserve labor sources or working-day emergent reduction.
  • Disabled or substitutes employees must inform to the employer their condition within 7 days from the dated they were notified with the application of such measures. If the employee does not comply to inform, then he/she will not benefit from these exceptions.
  • Agreements to preserve labor sources or working-day emergent reduction applied to disabled or substitutes employees before September 9th, are no longer enforceable.
  • From the next salary payment, disabled or substitutes employees shall receive their full salary. This provision has no retroactive effect.

2. Agreement MDT-2020-174: Reform to Ministerial Agreement No.MDT-2020-077

  • In the event of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the employer may apply the emergent reduction, modification or suspension of the working-day provided within the Ministerial Agreement No.MDT-2020-077.
  • Emergent reduction, modification or suspension of the working-day ends by:
    • Mutual agreement between the parties.
    • Completion of the emergent working-day reduction term provided for in the Labor Code, article 47.1 (up to 12 months);
    • Completion of the emergent working-day modification term; or;
    • Ceasing of the cause that justified the emergent working-day suspension (Labor Code, article 60).


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