The Reformatory Organic Law of the Organic Code of the Judicial Function, published in the Supplement to Official Gazette No. 345 of December 8, 2020, regulated the recess and vacation periods of the Judicial Function.
The Regulatory Reform of the Regulation for the Application of the Organic Law for the Regulation and Control of Market Power, issued by Executive Decree 1193 by President of the Republic on November 17th, was published in the Suplement to the Official Registry No. 341 on December 1st. (The “RALORCPM” and the “Reform to the RALORCPM”, as applicable).
Regulation NAC-DGERCGC20-00000067 issued on November 12, 2020 and published in the Second Supplement of the Official Registry 338 on November 26, 2020, the Tax Authority amended Regulation NAC-DGERCGC18-00000433 regarding the threshold and conditions in order to apply the benefits established in double tax treaties.