Thalía Ordoñez is an associate at CorralRosales. She has more than 4 years of experience in the areas of personal data protection, new technologies, e-government, corporate, administrative law and civil law.

In the area of Data Protection and Technology. Thalía advises clients on data protection projects, e-commerce, and new technologies. Thalía’s work focuses on audits, management, implementation, and governance of personal data protection. Additionally, Thalía has extensive experience in the field of e-commerce, where she focuses on advising companies on the correct development and implementation of the necessary legal instruments. Thalía has extensive experience in the preparation of terms & conditions for websites and applications, preparation of electronic contracts, advice in the area of electronic signatures and consumers.

Additionally, Thalía is active in the field of administrative law and civil law. In the field of administrative law, she advises clients in administrative sanctioning procedures or in the client’s relationship with different state institutions. In the field of civil law, Thalía advises clients in the development of the different contracts and instruments necessary for the correct development of their operations.

Thalía is a lawyer from the Universidad de las Américas. She holds a master’s degree in digital law and New Technologies from the University of Salamanca and is certified in risk management and personal data protection consultancy by Global Suite Solutions.

Thalía is a member of the “Young Ecuadorian Attorneys – YEA” Commission and is currently Vice-President of the Technology and Personal Data Protection Working Group.

Practice Areas

  • Personal data protection
  • New technologies
  • E-government
  • Corporate law
  • Administrative law
  • Civil law