In the 1st Supplement of the Official Gazette No. 107 of December 24, 2019, the Reform of the Criminal Law was published, which will enter into force in June 21, 2020. Included among the reforms, is the decriminalization of possession of drugs that contain cannabis or derivatives as their active ingredient for therapeutic, palliative or medicinal ends, or for the practice of alternative medicine.
The Organic Law on the Reform of the General Organic Code of Processes (LORCOGEP), which entered into force on June 26, 2019, amended paragraph 4 of Article 64 of the General Organic Code of Processes (COGEP), substantially modifying the interruption of the period of prescription. Thus, before the reform, it was stated that: “The effects of the citations are… 4. Interrupt the period of prescription.” While this reform provides that “The effects of the citations are…
The suspension of the execution of an administrative act is an exceptional provision that can be issued by an administrative or judicial authority. It is a precautionary measure that proceeds only when the execution of the administrative act produces unrecoverable or very difficult remediation losses due to the violation of the rights of the entity being administered.