Our Team

Maria Cecilia Romoleroux

Managing Partner, Doctor in Law

Maria Cecilia is the managing partner of the firm and an INTA Board Member. Ms. Romoleroux entered the IP profession in 1990, and is renowned within the industry for her detail-oriented style, as well as an ability to find creative solutions for clients, all achieved with an impressive promptness of delivery. Apart from her native Spanish, she is fluent in English, with a strong understanding in French and German, and is directly involved in much of the client work, even though the firm is involved in more IP matters than any other firm in Ecuador. She is the first Ecuadorian to sit on INTA's Board of Directors.

Francisco Gallegos R.


Francisco Gallegos joined CorralRosales as a Partner in 2017 after merging the IP Group of Estudio Jurídico Gallegos. His calling card is his dedication to client service and attentiveness, and he brings to CorralRosales a team with many years of combined experience. His IP practice includes life sciences and technology, with a specialization in IP matters related to mergers and acquisitions. Previously a corporate practitioner, Francisco Gallegos protects his client's IP rights with a well-rounded corporate viewpoint.

Karen Gonzalez


Karen graduated in 2011 with a law degree from Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil, and is currently studying for a Master’s in Company Law. Based in Guayaquil, Ms. Gonzalez assists both the regulatory and infringements departments.

Gabriel Kuri

Chemical Engineer

Gabriel graduated from the Escuela Politecnica Nacional in Quito, Ecuador, with a degree in chemical engineering in 1979. He leads the patent department of the firm and is responsible for patent applications, utility models and industrial designs. Gabriel is considered to be an expert on patentability in Ecuador.

Miguel Maigualema


Miguel obtained his law degree from the Universidad Central del Ecuador. Mr. Maigualema works with the Regulatory department on litigious matters, as well as assisting the infringements department, particularly in relation to anti-counterfeiting.

Carolina Montalvo

Pharmaceutical Chemist

Carolina obtained her degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from the Universidad Central del Ecuador in 2011. She is primarily a technician within the patents department, but also assists the regulatory team.

Alejandra Moretta

Pharmaceutical Biochemist

Alejandra graduated in 2004 with a degree in pharmaceutical biochemistry from the Universidad Central del Ecuador. She works as a technical advisory in intellectual property mostly focusing on patents, and in the regulatory area assists with marketing authorizations.

Caterine Pacheco

Food Chemist

Caterine obtained her degree in pharmaceutical biochemistry, with a specialty in nutritional biochemistry, from the Universidad Central del Ecuador in 2007. She works in the firm’s technical department of intellectual property, handling various regulatory matters for clients.

Eduardo Rios


Eduardo obtained his law degree with a focus in social and public sciences from the Universidad Central del Ecuador in 2003. His practice is focused on litigation and enforcement of intellectual property rights against infringement, and extends to competition law, copyright, franchising and licensing.

Felipe Samaniego


Felipe obtained his law degree from the Universidad de las Americas, Ecuador in 2014, and heads the regulatory practice for the firm. His practice also includes complementary areas of intellectual property law, along with work in franchising, licensing, compliance and antitrust.

Ian Wall

Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

Ian is a UK qualified Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, with a degree in law from Southampton Solent University (UK), graduating in 2004. He also holds a Master’s in Intellectual Property, and advises clients in relation to the whole range of administrative trademark procedures, as well as trademark infringement.

Daniela Yanez

Agro-Industrial Engineer

Daniela graduated with a degree in engineering from the Universidad de las Americas in 2011. She also holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Management in Environment, Quality and Occupational Health & Safety, obtained in 2015 from the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana in Puerto Rico, and is tasked with handling a multitude of regulatory issues for clients.