New Merger and Other Changes for 2017

2017 is set to be a monumental year for CorralRosales. Not only will I be taking up a position on the Board of Directors of the International Trademark Association on January 1st, but our firm will also be merging with fellow Ecuadorian IP law firm, Estudio Jurídico Gallegos.

The merge officially took place on January 4th. Both CorralRosales and Estudio Juridico Gallegos have worked closely for many years and this decision is a natural outgrowth of our continuous and strong relationship.

Estudio Juridico Gallegos, an award-winning Ecuadorian Law Firm founded in 1961 servicing many of the Fortune 500 and other world leading companies and law firms. They are well known for their strong IP and international law expertise and this merger will add a significant amount of expertise to our already strong offering. The merger brings together close to a century of combined experience and will allow us to offer clients enhanced strategic IP counseling.

The addition of a Partner of Francisco Gallegos’ caliber brings an incredible asset to the new look firm. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate on the expansion and development of the practice and look forward to participating in continued growth.

The new additions includes partner Francisco Gallegos R. and associates Cristóbal Montúfar, Miguel Maigualema and Mario Moncayo who as a team have become a modern and dynamic group of attorneys who practice and specialize in the most relevant fields of IP law for today’s globalized world.

While we focus on this integration the same people will be working on your account as previously so you should not see too much change. However you will be introduced to any relevant new team members in due course.

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María Cecilia Romoleroux, Managing Partner

18th January 2017