Our Partner María Cecilia Romoleorux, interviewed by INTA

Our Partner and Head of Intellectual Property department, Maria Cecilia Romoleroux, has been interviewed by the INTA Bulletin. She has been an INTA member since 1995, so María Cecilia has spoken about what belonging to INTA means to her and how CorralRosales benefits from INTA’s services throughout the year. You can read the full interview here.

Crocs Inc successfully enforces 3D marks in biggest ever anti-counterfeiting operation

IP Office seized more than 37,000 items during operations carried out simultaneously in three cities Crocs Inc had sought injunction against continued infringement of registered 3D mark  This is the biggest anti-counterfeiting joint operation ever carried out in Ecuador   The Ecuadorian IP Office recently seized more than 37,000 items during operations carried out simultaneously […]

A heavyweight voice on intellectual property

Sydney, Washington, Prague, Panama City, Cartagena and Brussels are some of the cities visited by María Cecilia Romoleroux for work in the last few months of 2017. Each month she spends just two weeks in Ecuador. Over time she has lost a little bit of that excitement for such a pace of life. The volume […]

Los riesgos de no valorar la Propiedad Intelectual

¿De dónde nacen esas creencias populares que enfrentan a fabricante y consumidor? ¿Hemos entendido que proteger la propiedad intelectual beneficia no solo a los titulares de marcas, sino especialmente al consumidor? Fortalecer a las industrias y a los emprendedores a través de la propiedad intelectual podría impulsar el desarrollo de las economías generando puestos de […]

Ecuador’s New IP Law: Key Changes and Provisions

The “Code for the Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation” was published on December 9, 2016 and repeals and replaces Ecuador’s previous national intellectual property law. Background As a member of the Andean Community, the relevant intellectual property provisions in Ecuador are Andean Decisions 345 (Plant Varieties), 351 (Copyright), 391 (Traditional Knowledge), and 486 […]

Instructive for the Modification of the Marketing Authorization for Pharmaceuticals Upon Expiration of a Patent

The National Agency for Health Inspection, Regulation and Monitoring (ARCSA), has issued an instructive setting out a procedure relating to the modification of a marketing authorization upon expiration of a patent, which will apply to all owners of marketing authorizations of pharmaceuticals registered in Ecuador whose patent has expired. The provisions are as follows: ARCSA […]

New Merger and Other Changes for 2017

2017 is set to be a monumental year for CorralRosales. Not only will I be taking up a position on the Board of Directors of the International Trademark Association on January 1st, but our firm will also be merging with fellow Ecuadorian IP law firm, Estudio Jurídico Gallegos. The merge officially took place on January […]

Reduction in Official Fees for Patents in Ecuador

Following a request from the European Union during commercial treaty negotiations with Ecuador, the Ecuadorian IP Office has issued Resolution No. 001-2016-CD-IEPI (the Resolution), through which it has significantly reduced the official fees applicable to patent applications and their maintenance. Below is an analysis as to the relevant changes:   Filing Fees Fee Former fee […]

Decree 1159 and Reference Medications

The Regulations Implementing the Law on Production, Import, Marketing and Sale of Generic Medicines for Human Use has seen a recent reform, in particular through Executive Decree 1159, which removes the requirement that ‘reference medications’, once the patent expires, must modify their product marketing authorization to comply with the labelling requirements of a generic product. […]

Normas Referentes a la Publicidad Exterior

Mediante Ordenanza Metropolitana No.119 se establece el régimen administrativo de la Licencia Metropolitana Urbanística de Publicidad Exterior para el Distrito Metropolitano de Quito.  La cual establece los siguientes parámetros sobre los cuales se puede colocar publicidad exterior en el Distrito Metropolitano de Quito. Se prohíbe con carácter general: La publicidad susceptible a crear miedo, alarma, […]