The Trademark Lawyer Magazine interviews our partner Maria Cecilia Romoleroux


DATE: 07-07-2023


Maria Cecilia Romoleroux

The Trademark Lawyer Magazine interviews our partner Maria Cecilia Romoleroux in its section dedicated to women working in the Intellectual Property industry.

During the interview, Maria Cecilia talks about her experience, her achievements, the challenges she has faced during her professional career, as well as the changes she would like to see in the IP industry in the coming years.

An interview that, according to the publication, are inspirations, experiences and ideas for equality.

“A curious fact is that I didn’t want to be a lawyer, or at least it wasn’t in my plans. It all started when my aunt told me the news that I had been enrolled at the Law School. At first, I was shocked, as I had not planned it, but as time went by, I fell in love with my career and studied it with enthusiasm until the end. At that time, intellectual property was not very developed in Ecuador and it was not a main focus at the university”, explains Maria Cecilia recalling her beginnings.

Throughout my career, she says, “i have faced many challenges, most of them related to being a woman in a historically male-dominated environment. Still today, most law firms have a significant number of female associates or employees, but when we look at the partners, the number of women is low or none”.

“This reality is consequence of a sad but true fact: being a woman and a lawyer means that, by default, our path will always have more obstacles than our male colleagues. In my experience, the only way to deal with these and any other obstacles is to move forward. If I had spent time lamenting over all obstacles or taking criticism personally, I would never have achieved a quarter of what I have achieved in my professional and personal career”.

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