Income tax withholding rates

Regulation NAC-DGERCGC20-00000020 issued by the Internal Revenue Service and published on March 20, 2020 in the Official Registry Special Edition 459 established new rules to the income tax withholding regime:

  1. The following income tax withholding rate was modified:


rate Acquisition of all types of movable property of a tangible nature 1%  1,75% Payments that do not have a specific withholding rate 2% 2,75%
  1. It was clarified that the acquisition of goods of agricultural, poultry, livestock, beekeeping, bio aquatic, forest and meat origin, which are maintained in their natural condition, will be subject to 1% withholding regardless of whether an invoice or settlement for the purchase of goods or provision of services is issued.
  2. Additionally, it is clarified that this withholding rate (1%) applies to income from local production and marketing of agricultural activities, even if the taxpayer generating the income is subject to a special income tax regimen.

The new withholding rates are applicable beginning April 1st.

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