Withholding percentage – dividends


Regulation NAC-DGERCGC20-00000011 issued by the Internal Revenue Service establishes the withholding percentages applicable to the dividends distributed by entities with tax residence or permanent establishments located in Ecuador to: (i) individuals with tax residence in Ecuador; or, (ii) foreign entities which beneficial owners are individuals with tax residence in Ecuador.

The withholding percentage will apply over 40% of the amount of the dividend, according to the following:

Taxable income from
(basic tax bracket) 

Taxable income until
(surplus tax bracket)

Withholding over the
basic tax bracket

Withholding percentage over
the surplus tax bracket

– 20.000,00 0 0% 20.000,01 40.000,00 0 5% 40.000,01 60.000,00 1.000,00 10% 60.000,01 80.000,00 3.000,00 15% 80.000,01 100.000,00 6.000,00 20% 100.000,01 Forward 10.000,00 25%

The withholding receipt must be issued with the name of the individual with tax residence in Ecuador even if the amount to withhold is zero.

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