Deferral of tax obligations


By Executive Decree 1030 issued on May 4, 2020, the President of the Republic ordered the following:

  1. The deferral of tax obligations established by Executive Decree 1021 shall be applicable to all small and medium-sized companies, except for those taxpayers whose tax ID (RUC), as of April 1, 2020, had registered any of the following as their main economic activity:
  • Ancillary activities of financial services activities; and/or
  • Financial services activities, except insurance and pension fund activities.

These taxpayers are able to pay the corporate income tax for the fiscal year 2019 and the value added tax (VAT) to be paid in April, May and June 2020 on a deferred basis. Payments will be made in 6 installments during the year 2020 in the following percentages: in each of the first two months, the taxpayers are required to pay 10% of the total value; and, in each of the remaining four months, taxpayers are required to pay 20% of the total value.

  1. The taxpayers subject to the Simplified Tax System (RISE) are able to pay the instalments of March, April and May in accordance with the following calendar:
RISE instalment to
be paid in:

Month of payment

March 2020 June 2020 April 2020 July 2020 May 2020 August 2020

Payments must be made according to the 9th digit of the tax ID (RUC) according to the following schedule:

Ninth digit of the RUC or
identity card

Expiration date

1 10 of the applicable month 2 12 of the applicable month 3 14 of the applicable month 4 16 of the applicable month 5 18 of the applicable month 6 20 of the applicable month 7 22 of the applicable month 8 24 of the applicable month 9 26 of the applicable month 0 28 of the applicable month
  1. The annual motor vehicle ownership tax, which would have been due in the months of March and April, may be paid according to the following schedule:
Expiration in the month of:

Payment of the tax:

March 2020 Until June 2020 April 2020 Until July 2020
  1. Those taxpayers who lay-off employees without cause during the state of emergency are not able to apply the benefits established by Executive Decrees 1021 and 1030.

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