State of health emergency – MPH


The Ministry of Public Health, through agreement 00024-2020, dated June 16th, 2020, has extended the state of health emergency previously declared, in all establishments of the National Health System, which includes all laboratory services, epidemiology and control units, air ambulances, medical and paramedical services, hospitalization and outpatient care, due to transmission of COVID-19 in all provinces and the possible need for hospitalization or intensive care.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Public Health:

  1. Ordered that the health establishments belonging to the Integral Public Health Network, to prioritize their economic resources and human talent, and take the measures that they deem necessary to address the health emergency while the declaration is in effect.
  2. Ordered that the National Agency for Sanitary Regulation, Control and Surveillance (ARCSA) to update the regulations regarding the national production of medicine and medical devices necessary for emergency care and, in turn, to prioritize attention to the regulatory processes under way.
  3. Issued guidelines for purchases made by the Central and the Decentralized Operational Entities of the Ministry of Public Health to attend the health emergency.
  4. Prohibited all private health insurance companies and prepaid medicine companies from limiting coverage for the proper assessment, care, and treatment of patients affected by COVID-19.

The declaration of the state of health emergency will be in force until August 13th of this year. It may be extended if it is necessary.

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