Repeal of resolution no. SCVS-INC-DNCDN-2023-0019 regarding the additional documentation to be submitted by the legal representatives of companies incorporated in Ecuador

By Resolution No. SCVS-INC-DNCDN-2023-0022 dated October 26, 2023, published in the First Supplement of the Official Gazette No. 428 of October 31, 2023, the Superintendent of Companies, Securities and Insurance ordered the repeal of Resolution No. SCVS-INC-DNCDN-2023-0019 dated August 29, 2023, which established the “Guidelines of probity and civil capacity of companies or individuals which act as legal representatives or officers of companies subject to the control and supervision of the Superintendence of Companies, Securities and Insurance”: Therefore the following documents will NO longer be required for the recordation of appointments in the Commercial Registry or the Superintendence of Companies, as the case may be, and on an annual basis before said entity:

  1. The certificate of not appearing in the Database of Persons with Convicted Ruling, issued by the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE),
  2. Proof of not appearing on the following public international lists: (i) Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC); and (ii) United Nation’s Security Council.

The repeal is based on the fact that the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE), and not the Superintendence of Companies, Securities and Insurance, is in charge of elaborating policies and strategies on prevention of money laundering and crime financing, as well as requiring information from the regulated entities or individuals.


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