Ministry Agreement No. MDT-2023-056 “Suspend terms and deadlines on procedures established by the Ministry of Labour corresponding to the Regional Labour and Public Service Management and its delegations

On November 14, 2023, the Labor Ministry by means of the Ministry Agreement No. MDT-2023-056 order:

–    To suspend and interrupt all terms and deadlines related to the registration of employment contracts, termination minutes, sanction resolutions, inspection files, inspection receipts, and thirteenth and fourteenth registries for the year 2023, as of 15 December 2023. This suspension includes any procedures that depend on the computer systems of the Labor Ministry.

–    The terms and deadlines will be resume when the computer systems of the Labor Ministry are enabled, which shall be communicated through the available electronic means, and the fines resulting from the failure to register information in these systems will not be imposed.

–    The following procedures may be submitted to the counters set up for this purpose by the Labor Ministry:

a)    Inspections request.
b)    Legal termination of the employment relationship (visto bueno) request.
c)    Legal termination of the employment relationship (visto bueno) response.
d)    Petitions.
e)    Collective bargaining agreement request.
f)    Employees associations notification.
g)    Unique ballot.
h)    Legal termination of the employment relationship (visto bueno) suspension consignation.
i)    Termination of the labor relationship consignations (provided that the minutes are registered in the SUT beforehand).

–    The termination minutes or employment contracts may be concluded or registered before the labor inspector of the respective jurisdiction. However, once the Labor Ministry computer services are regularized, registration may be formalized.


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