International Women’s Day: Interview with Maria Cecilia Romoleroux


DATE: 8-03-2024


Maria Cecilia Romoleroux

In the framework of International Women’s Day, our partner Maria Cecilia Romoleroux was interviewed by Gericó Associates about the current situation of gender equality in the legal sector. Below, we share some of her most outstanding reflections:

  1. Progress and challenges in diversity: Romoleroux noted that Ecuador has seen significant improvements in terms of diversity in the legal sector, with a notable decrease in the gender gap. However, she stressed the need to continue working on education so that the role of women is recognized not only as mothers and partners, but also as professionals capable of facing any challenge. She added that as long as women do not understand their role and obligations to the community, changes will be difficult.
  2. Priority on gender equality policies: Regarding gender equality policies in law firms, Romoleroux emphasized that they should be a priority for all law firms. She stressed the importance of establishing policies based on meritocracy, with clear rules and strong support to ensure their effectiveness.
  3. Overcoming barriers in the partnership: Given the worrying reality that reveals a remarkably low representation of women in partnership roles, as evidenced by the case of Spain, where only 21% of partnerships in law firms are held by women, Romoleroux addressed this gender disparity, noting that correcting these figures will require women to become aware of their capacity to lead and accept the challenge of overcoming existing barriers. She acknowledged that while it may be more difficult for women to rise to leadership positions due to the multiple roles they play, it is critical that they rise to the challenge.
  4. Boosting equality in the future: The implementation of measures to support and recognize female talent is a priority to promote diversity in the legal sector in the coming years, according to Romoleroux.
  5. Inspiration in pioneering women: Finally, our partner shared that her professional career has been inspired by all those women who, throughout history, have defied the established rules to achieve their goals.

The interview with Maria Cecilia Romoleroux provides insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by the legal sector in terms of gender equality, as well as the way forward to achieve greater inclusion and diversity in the profession.

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