TAG Alliances – Ecuador: Guidelines for the Application of the Law on Humanitarian Support



DATE: 21-07-2020

MEDIA: TAG Alliances

“The alliance of professional services firms TAG Alliances, of which CorralRosales is a member, has echoed our labor bulletin on the guidelines to apply the new labor regulations contemplated in the “Organic Law of humanitarian support to combat the health crisis arising from COVID-19”, issued last July 15 through ministerial agreements.

According to the agreement to preserve labor sources, the employer must update in the SUT – Humanitarian Law module – the employee’s data in accordance with the agreement signed, including its term. The agreements may be registered as of July 31, 2020. Employers who have signed agreements with their employees prior to the issuance of Agreement 132, will have 15 business days to register the information.

Another agreement reached is in the emerging special employment agreement. The employer must register in the SUT the information about the employee and the agreement, within 15 days from the beginning of the labor relationship. As in the previous case, they shall be able to register as of July 31 and will have 15 working days to register the information if the employers signed agreements with their employees prior to the issuance of Agreement 132.

Regarding the working-day reduction, it may be implemented when faced with situations of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure in the terms provided for within the Civil Code. The conditions and characteristics regulated to be able to take advantage of this reduction include the time of reduction, the term, the remuneration, the contributions to the IESS, the labor benefits, the compensations, the exceptions, the registration in the SUT and the notification. To read the news about our bulletin, click hereSi quiere leer la noticia sobre nuestro boletín, pulse aquí

In CorralRosales we publish a portal in which we inform you about all the legislative updates approved due to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19, such as the Law of Humanitarian Support. Click here to view it.