Within the first ten (10) days of the next year, generators of hazardous waste must submit the annual declaration of hazardous waste to prevent and reduce the generation of such waste.
1. About the Hazardous Waste Generator
Article 237 of the Organic Code of the Environment establishes that any hazardous waste generator must obtain an administrative authorization.
The waste generator will be responsible for the environmental management of the waste from its generation to its elimination and final disposal.
The generator will be jointly responsible in case of incidents that produce pollution and environmental damage.
2. About the Annual Hazardous Waste Declaration
Part of the generator of hazardous waste’s obligations is the presentation of the Annual Declaration to prevent, reduce, or minimize the generation of hazardous waste.
The Annual Declaration must be filed within the first ten days of January.
The declaration submitted will be subject to verification by the authority, which may request additional information in this matter.
3. Non-compliance
Non-compliance with the Annual Declaration may result in the cancellation of the registration as a generator of hazardous waste.
Additionally, it may be considered a minor Non-Conformity according to article 500 j) “failure to comply with the obligations established in the administrative authorizations.”
CorralRosales will be happy to assist you in the presentation of the Annual Declaration of Hazardous Waste as well as any questions you may have regarding waste management.

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