Amendments to the tax regime for small businesses


Executive Decree 1240 issued on February 3, 2021 by the President of the Republic amended the Internal Tax Regime Regulations regarding the Tax Regime for Small Businesses.

It establishes that, in order to calculate the income tax, taxpayers subject to such regime must apply a 2% rate over the net sales derived from the business activity subject to this regime and subtract: (i) the income tax withholdings made in the same period with respect to the activities subject to the regime; and, (ii) the income tax credit.

It is also stated that taxpayers subject to the regime, that in the fiscal year 2020 did not obtain any profit (calculated before paying the income tax) from the economic activities subject to the regime, may:

1. Pay the applicable income tax for the fiscal year 2020 until November 2021; and,
2. Pay the applicable income tax for the fiscal year 2021 until March 2022.

Those taxpayers who have paid the tax with interest and penalties will not be entitled to request a reimbursement.

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