Amendments to the rules for applying advance pricing agreements for operations carried out between related parties

Regulation NAC-DGERCGC21-00000013 issued on March 11, 2021 by the General Director of the Internal Revenue Service and published in the Fourth Supplement to the Official Registry 409 of March 12, 2021, amended the following regulations:
  • NAC-DGERCGC14-00001048, which establishes the content, procedure and other matters related to the filing and resolution of the advance pricing agreements for increasing the limit of deductibility (20%) of royalties, technical, administrative, and consulting services paid to related parties, and.
  • NAC-DGERCGC15-00000571, which establishes the rules for the applying the advance pricing agreements.

The following is a summary of the changes introduced in each Regulation:

Regulation NAC-DGERCGC14-00001048

Information to be included of the parties and the transactions subject to consultation:

a. Names and surnames, company name, tax identification number, country of tax residence and income tax rate of the taxpayer and the parties with whom the operations covered by the consultation are carried out,

b. Detailed description of the operations, including among other elements, their nature, characteristics, amount in US dollars of the last three fiscal years, and the effect on the taxpayer’s income,

c. If the transaction is a service, documentation must be submitted to identify its invoicing, periodicity, and form of payment. In the case of royalties, in addition to the above, the intangible asset, its owner, administrator (if applicable), the method of valuation of the intangible asset and its calculation must be fully identified,

d. Comparability analysis according to the terms described in the tax legislation, including the following elements: i) characteristics of the operations; ii) analysis of the functions or activities performed, including the assets used and risks assumed; iii) contractual terms; iv) economic or market circumstances, and v) business strategies, both of the taxpayer and its related parties involved in the operations subject to consultation,

e. Details of the search performed in the respective databases to obtain the comparable to be used. The date on which the search was performed attaching the screenshots of the filters applied in the databases, the selection and discarding matrix of the comparable. The reasons for the selecting the proposed method, in the terms contemplated for the Integral Transfer Pricing Report,

f. Copies of existing contracts, agreements or arrangements entered into by the taxpayer with related or unrelated parties, which affect, directly or indirectly, the operations covered by the valuation consultation. If applicable, copies of the cost sharing agreements, including the cost sharing criteria,

g. Audited balance sheet and income statement of the taxpayer for the last tax year as of the date of filing the consultation, including the notes to the financial statements. If the taxpayer is not required to have audited financial statements, the balance sheet, income statement and accounting books at the highest level of detail,

h. Audited balance sheet and income statement of the taxpayer’s related parties subject to the analysis, including the notes to the financial statements. If the taxpayer’s related parties are not required to have audited financial statements, the balance sheet, income statement and accounting books at the highest level of detail,

i. Balance sheet and income statement of the companies proposed as comparable for the last fiscal year. This requirement is not applicable if the taxpayer proposes the Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) Method, and

j. Any other relevant information, data, or documentation that the applicant considers necessary to support the methodological proposal for valuation of related party transactions.

Application report:

In the application report the taxpayer must include the following information:

a. The working papers in Excel including: the indicator (or price) of the taxpayer, the indicators (or prices) of the comparable, comparability adjustments, interquartile range, among others, depending on the methodology.

b. Description and reasoning of any particular fact or circumstance of the fiscal year analyzed that affected the valuation of the prices or financial margins of the analyzed party.

c. The taxpayer may not file a new report when the tax authority has initiated an assessment procedure.

Regulation NAC-DGERCGC15-00000571

Deadline for submitting the request:

The request may be filed until the last working day of February of the tax period in which the application of a higher limit of deductibility is intended. For fiscal year 2021, the request may be filed until the last business day of March.

Report of transfer pricing adjustments:

In the event that, upon application of the methodology approved, there is a transfer pricing adjustment, the taxpayer must report such on the income tax form.

Substitute tax returns:

If the increase of the deductibility limit is approved, the taxpayer is able to file substitute tax returns regarding the years which income tax returns was filed prior to the notification of the response to the request. The substitute tax return must be filed within 60 days after the notification of the response.

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