From media and entertainment to corporate marketing materials and advertising, when copyright protection is warranted, our firm has the know-how and experience necessary to make sure the rights of our clients are safeguarded.

The National Register of Copyright and Related Rights allows for optional recordal of:

  • works and creations protected by copyright or related rights;
  • acts and contracts related to copyright and related rights; and
  • the transmission of rights to heirs.

Copyright registration might seem to be an afterthought for some industries, but it can be a useful tool, complementing other types of intellectual property protection in Ecuador. Both moral and economic copyright can be protected, and our experts are on hand to ensure that you get the most robust protection available.

While registration may not be necessary for every situation, and while it is not required in Ecuador, these recordals can be useful in disputes or enforcement proceedings involving copyright. The recordal of these rights may also prove useful in transactional matters.

When copyright matters most, CorralRosales is there to provide the right support.