Piracy is a global problem that requires local solutions. No industry is spared in the illegal misrepresentation of goods and services, be it third parties using trademarks and advertising slogans not their own, infringing patents, or merely attempting to pass-off products as genuine articles. The best chance to combat counterfeiting in Ecuador is with our team of IP experts here at CorralRosales.

We have invested in global anti-counterfeiting networks and infrastructure to make our firm and team even more prepared when it comes to the latest methods available for combatting piracy. These alliances and tools allow us a unique position to achieve results ranging from fast preliminary injunction measures, seizure and destruction of counterfeited goods, to judiciary decisions that count toward keeping intellectual property protected.

We work with customs, courts and other authorities across a range of organizations in government and industry to determine the best approach for protecting and defending the intellectual property rights of clients. Whether it be of consumer goods, electronics, luxury goods, apparel or pharmaceuticals, our team has the knowledge and skill to address the situation.