Reduction in Official Fees for Patents in Ecuador

Following a request from the European Union during commercial treaty negotiations with Ecuador, the Ecuadorian IP Office has issued Resolution No. 001-2016-CD-IEPI (the Resolution), through which it has significantly reduced the official fees applicable to patent applications and their maintenance. Below is an analysis as to the relevant changes:   Filing Fees Fee Former fee […] [ more ]

Decree 1159 and Reference Medications

The Regulations Implementing the Law on Production, Import, Marketing and Sale of Generic Medicines for Human Use has seen a recent reform, in particular through Executive Decree 1159, which removes the requirement that ‘reference medications’, once the patent expires, must modify their product marketing authorization to comply with the labelling requirements of a generic product. […] [ more ]

Normas Referentes a la Publicidad Exterior

Mediante Ordenanza Metropolitana No.119 se establece el régimen administrativo de la Licencia Metropolitana Urbanística de Publicidad Exterior para el Distrito Metropolitano de Quito.  La cual establece los siguientes parámetros sobre los cuales se puede colocar publicidad exterior en el Distrito Metropolitano de Quito. Se prohíbe con carácter general: La publicidad susceptible a crear miedo, alarma, […] [ more ]

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